Fun Class for all the Family

This class offers flexibility to showcase pieces from any family unit: with or without children; items similar to the Show’s classes or those that perhaps don’t quite fit anywhere else! There is a special trophy award for the best display in this class.

110Collection of 5 homemade or homegrown items, occupying a space no greater than 68 x 68cm that are in keeping with the show and that you feel best represents your family. All ages welcome and it is not necessary to include children, but if you do then please include their ages with your display.   The judges will be looking for variety and quality of the displayed items. The winning family will have portrayed family hobbies, values or even humour through their display.     Example: vase of garden flowers, Lego model, poem, piece of woodwork, photograph of your pet.
There is a trophy awarded for the best entry in this class
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