A Beginners Guide: How to Enter

Read through the classes on this website or in the Show Schedule (print copies available in local shops).

Choose the classes you would like to enter – which can be a complete mix from all sections (age-permitting). If multiple family members would like to enter, be sure to make a note of the entry class number and detail for each person so that we can exhibit their work correctly.

Fill in and submit your entry form – ONE PER PERSON PLEASE. Even if just one class is being entered, please fill in the form either here online or in writing on the show Schedule (complete form and tear out the page). If submitted online, you will receive an email acknowledgement. If in writing, please leave the entry form at Heaven Cafe and we will collect it from there. Entries can be submitted at any time until Monday XX September. Keep a note of what you have committed to entering as we will be measuring and allowing space for all entries in the Parish Hall.

Read the show rules here or in the printed Schedule and please let us know if you are unsure of any aspect of entering. The rules are not meant to sound too officious – but are there to be fair to everyone.

On the show day please bring your entry/entries to the Parish Hall, Backwell between 8.30am and 10am. The hall closes for judging at 10.30am.

At the hall you will give your name and in return we hand you an exhibitor ticket with your unique exhibitor number. Even children need a unique number, which will also carry their age for judging purposes. No personal information is displayed on any exhibit or entry ticket other than a child’s age. If you enter more than one class, we will give you the corresponding number of tickets. You then enter the hall and will be shown where to place your entry/entries. One exhibitor ticket is placed alongside each of your entries, so that we can issue a prize in your name if you win. Please do not view other exhibits at this time.

If you are happy to donate your exhibit to the Show auction, please mark ‘X’ on your ticket where shown. We will then sell all donated items at the end of the day, to help raise money for next year’s show.

Leave the hall by 10.30am and then come back and view all exhibits from 2.00pm. You can remove your exhibit/s from 4.15pm and we will close the show at 5.00pm. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place per class, are awarded from 3pm onwards to children in the WI Hall. Please accompany your child to collect any winnings. Trophies are awarded at 4.15pm in the WI Hall and you or your child may have won a trophy so please do stay for that or come back to the WI Hall in good time to find out!

All trophies are held for one year and then returned. However, all children who enter will receive a token of thanks and all winners receive printed certificates.

That’s it! If you still have questions or are unsure of any aspect of the show, please contact us.

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