1Collection of 3 different kinds of vegetables in a trug or basket
4Longest runner bean1 
5Runner beans6Displayed with some stalk attached
6French beans6
7Carrots3Tops cut off, leaving 5cm
8Large onions – over 250g each3Tops should be tied, and roots removed
9Small onions – max 250g each5
11Leeks3Roots trimmed, foliage on
12Tomatoes5Not cherry or beefsteak
13Cherry tomatoes7 
17Courgettes – 10-15cm3Shown with flower attached
18Heaviest pumpkin1Any variety
19Squash1Variety to be named
21Collection of herbs Displayed in a jam jar
22Any other vegetable1Not listed in classes 2-20
23Any strange-shaped vegetable1 
24A pot of home-made compost1Max 15cm diameter (please no worms!)
A trophy will be awarded for best entry in class 1


All fruit to be displayed on a plate. Do not polish.

25Raspberries9Shown with short stalks
27Eating apples3Stalks must be on and presented stalk down
28Cooking apples3
30Any other fruit  
31Collection of fruit in a bowl or basket, minimum of 3 varieties
A trophy will be awarded for most points in classes 1-31


32Collection of bee-friendly flowers displayed in a jar
33A bunch of flowers from my garden displayed in a jug
34Collection of annualsSpace allowed 45cm, judged for variety
35Collection of perennials
36Hardy perennials1 type in a vase, up to 45cm
37Any foliage pot plantGrown in a pot not over 20cm
39Any flowering pot plant (not orchid)
40Cactus or succulentGrown in a pot not over 15cm
41Collection of cacti/succulentsGrown in a pot not over 18cm
42Any shrub, one sprayNo longer than 60cm
43Annuals5 blooms
44Sunflowers3 stems
45DahliasSingle bloom
46Dahlias3 blooms
47Dahlias5 blooms
48A vase or bowl of mixed dahlias 
49Rose – large flowered variety1 bloom
50Rose – large flowered varietyCollection of 3 blooms
51Rose – any other type1 spray
52Bowl of rosesBowl max 15cm diameter
53Penstemon3 stems
54Chrysanthemums3 sprays
55Michaelmas daisies3 sprays
56Rudbeckias, annual or perennial5 blooms
57The best flower in my garden1 stem or spray
58A planted indoor containerMax 35cm diameter
A Trophy will be awarded for most points in classes 32-58. Trophies are also awarded for best entries in classes 2-58, 45-48, 49-52

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