Classes 68-79 to be on a plate and covered in a clear bag or cling film.

Class 80 to be displayed in a clear bag. NO NUTS PLEASE.

All diets welcome; please include a note next to entry, to let us know the diet you have baked for.

68Savoury flanNot more than 20cm (8in)
69Sausage rolls5
70Savoury scones5
71Sweet scones, plain5
72Carrot and pineapple cakeFollow recipe here
73Home-made biscuits5
74Jam tarts5
75A cake, or cakes, for a special dietMust be accompanied by recipe
76Victoria sandwichCooked in 18cm (7in) tins
77ShortbreadNot more than 20cm (8in)
78Fruit pie (pastry top and bottom)
79Chocolate browniesMust be accompanied by recipe
80Loaf of breadAny type, machine or hand-made (label to state which)
A Trophy will be awarded for most points in classes 68-80


All preserves to be in plain glass jars with new metal lid or cellophane tops, labelled and dated – no proprietary name to be showing.

81Jam – raspberryapprox 454g (1lb)
82Jam – blackcurrant
83Jam – any other variety
84Marmalade – any variety
85Fruit curdapprox 227g (½lb) or 454g (1lb)
86Fruit jelly – any variety
87Chutney or pickle – any variety
A trophy will be awarded for most points in classes 81-87
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